Website Mastery

Tyranny of the Templates

Inexpensive interactivity makes template use explode! Everyone has them. The challenge is to make the template reflect the organization it houses. As a content creator, I must construct ideas that fit templates versus the other way around. The more customized, the more budget needed to develop, and the more distinctive they become.

It takes resources to make even a free template convey personality. Theme, color, style, and point-of-view all can blend into a unique presentation. Not only do successful online groups clearly convey mission, they provide an ambient atmosphere that infuses the viewer with the desire to know more. More psychological than print, to develop a website that entices the viewer along a strategic path needs an analysis of visitor behavior. With direct feedback, pages created can receive immediate response.

These organizations* do a good job of building a user experience:

spiral bullet Society of Women Engineers
With a very simple and elegant approach, SWE takes advantage of the screen space to offer clear navigation, most used sections easiest to finds with icons, and animation that entices the viewer into a variety of current activities. See review.

spiral bullet American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
Carrying the theme of the association into graphic materials that are simple, elegant, and pretty combine to visually express their mission. See Review.

spiral bullet Giving Institute and Giving Foundation
Combining two related organizations is a specialized graphic challenge. Giving Institute and Giving Foundation begin with an elegantly integrated solution. See Review.

Using templates as tools versus as tyrants demands modular design. Brevity has never been more important as readers have turned into speed-scanners. Design of the page determines how much information is absorbed.

See organizations that have the potential for great graphics as yet unmet: “Not the Best but Could Be.”

Inexpensive interactivity has made template use explode! It takes resources to make even a free template convey personality. Learn from sites that accomplish template mastery.

The Sebastian Study is completed in this blog. If you wish to know if your organization was considered, please visit and contact me; I will be happy to share the review ranking with you.

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