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May 31, 2010

Nonprofit design mirrors business

Every organization depends on presenting a visual face to express value. Similar to the shopkeeper in the middle ages who hung a sign visibly outside, today’s logos, websites, brochures, and publications have a job to do. But recognition levels and what actually attracts remain illusive—though crucial to study for progress.

With a career designing communications and as one of the few designers to both study and publish about business practices, my credentials position me as a unique judge. The Sebastian Study launches here with analyzing the top presentation through reviewing 800 Midwestern nonprofits and presenting design that works best.*

Through the lens of philanthropic organizations, all sectors of business are reflected. The nonprofit mirrors its members: their motivations, reactions, and behavior.
Although every savvy organizational director knows that communication design is essential to reach potential, few have a resource to explore for inspiration or to hone skills. Ideas from these nonprofit organizations collectively have patterns and conclusions that can help all businesses better use talent-based resources.

* The Sebastian Study 2010, national study will be available at the end of the year. If you want to be sure that your organization is considered in the study, please click here.

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