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June 28, 2010

Chicago Zoological Society

Attendance-appeal depends on bold graphics. The Chicago Zoological Society promotes zoo visits and support through a fun graphic personality. But they do much more: dedicated to conservation and education, their graphics blend mission and expression. At their best, the character and personality of the animals themselves are captured in high quality photography and video.

Five Criteria for Graphics that Work:
Evaluating Chicago Zoological Society

spiral bullet Use of logo: An organization’s logo has a story to tell—encapsulating the personality, philosophy, and tone of an entire organization.
Although the Chicago Zoological Society’s logo isn’t very strong by itself, it sets up a visual style of silhouetted animals and plants. Better in the website banner when combined with other images, the logo is serviceable.

spiral bullet Theme: The visual first impression is dominated by the total gestalt—look, feel, purpose, and benefit. Further contact is consistent and supports personality and philosophy.
The expectation of zoo graphics is to be friendly, fun, inviting, and enriching. It is easy to illustrate animals, but not to present them in a comprehensive way. The Chicago Zoological Society uses photography to highlight every aspect of conservation and preservation.

spiral bullet Content composition: Building from a recognizable theme, the presentation is easy to grasp, clear, and engaging.
The Chicago Zoological Society excels in their homepage presentation: above the fold is a fabulous use of video combined with directional attractions. Below the fold proffers choices that are organized and inviting. The writing isn’t too much to absorb; segments are accessible. It would be a shame if they did not take advantage of photographic opportunity. Fortunately they do, and their site inspires the viewer to learn more. However, there are no obvious publications beyond the Exhibit and Animal Guide—if they offer a newsletter or magazine, these are not easy to find.

spiral bullet Consistent style: A series presents a visual language and an ambient atmosphere, promoting a positive experience and relationship with the audience.
Although the Chicago Zoological Society’s website banner stays the same on every page, the content is varied through photographic placement. Space could be better utilized to increase both variety and appeal. Pleasing colors in muted greens are visually arresting. The quality of the photographs is exceptional and presented in unique ways—although adding more portraits (like the second-level leopard) on the third-level pages would enhance their character.

spiral bullet Distinctive: The most successful presentations have a memorable twist—something extra that is unique.
The colors, graphic consistency, presentation of topics all make the Chicago Zoological Society’s graphics worth examining. Online, the template allows visual variation in the handling of photos to unify a range of programs, exhibits, research projects, and the base-line of zoo visitors.

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