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The Sebastian Study considered 1500 U. S. nonprofit organizations and presents here the regional analysis for the Midwest. As this is the largest region in the country for nonprofit headquarters (the Washington DC area equals the number of offices, but with an emphasis on advocacy versus management) over 700 nonprofits are included. This online list presents the best and almost-best. The Previews will grow and  evolve as more organizations are included.

The Study now incorporates the 80 nonprofits with presentations in Second Life. Moving into a greater international scope, new reviews and overviews will be continually evolve in the quest for the most effective design solutions.

The current collection online includes both the best graphics and groups worth examining:

American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery: Preview; Review

AAUW (American Association of University Women): Preview

American Osteopathic Association: Preview

Association of Rotational Molders International: Review

American Society of Hand Therapists: Preview

American Society for Bioethics and HumanitiesPreview

American Society for Surgery of the HandPreview; Review

Associated Equipment Distributors: Preview

Association of Rotational Molders International: Preview

Chicago Symphony Orchestra: Preview

Chicago Zoological Society: Preview; Review

Churchill Centre: Preview; Review

Entrepreneurs Organization: PreviewReview

Giving Institute and Giving Foundation: PreviewReview

Golden Apple Foundation: Review

Green City Market: Review

Have Dreams: Preview; Review

Healthcare Financial Management Association: Preview

International Association of Lighting Designers: Preview; Review

International Special Events SocietyPreview

KIVA: Loans that Change Lives: Preview

Madison County Chamber: Preview; Review

Mainstreet Organization of Realtors: Preview

Metal Construction Association: Review

Metals Service Center Institute: Preview; Review

National Safety CouncilPreview

Northwestern University Alumni AssociationPreview

Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum: Preview; Review

PROJECT JASON: Assistance for Families of the Missing: Preview

Second City: Review

SL Chicagoan magazine virtual office: Review

Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development of the AHA: Preview

Society of Women Engineers: Preview; Review

Strategic Account Management Association: Preview

Urban Gateways: Preview

Virtual Native Lands: Review

Water Quality Association: Review

Word of Mouth Marketing Association: Preview

ISSA: Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association: Review

*See the best of the best under the categories:
Visual Identity
Thematic Language
Website Mastery
Publication Polish (to come)
Distinctive Impact

The Sebastian Study is completed in this blog. If you wish to know if your organization was considered, please visit and contact me; I will be happy to share the review ranking with you.

the end

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