Distinctive Impact

Masters of Mystery

Rarely is there an extra spark that elevates good design into great. Memorability is an advantage when remembered for the right things. Delighting the reader means going beyond expectations. Add humor. Add urgency. Add poignancy. Add relevance. Add symbolism. Memorable concepts take the viewer beyond their own experiences—they involve, entice, and intrigue. A twist, a surprise, a mystery, a puzzle, a poignant relatability—there is an extra spice.

The best graphics entice the viewer to want to know more. Ultimately the job of good design is to motivate action—from decision-making to supporting to attending to purchasing. Organizations tell a visual story and build involvement while they inspire the viewer with their purpose. Under all the most effective graphic approaches resides a passion of mission—a conviction that this group is the answer to improvements.

These nonprofits accompany their audience on a journey of focus with an original graphic statement:

spiral bullet The Churchill Centre
It is heart warming to find such an encompassing tribute to a great man. This site is a joy to explore, inspiring for timeless wisdom, and amazing in legacy. A strong logo sets up the graphic theme and the site uses a simple template to advantage. See review.

spiral bullet Chicago Zoological Society
This site prioritizes its graphics. From a unique color scheme and simple banner to program logos and videos, there is a spectrum of visual emphasis. Content rich, the hierarchy expertly directs attention while it displays a beautiful visual vocabulary. See review.

spiral bullet International Association of Lighting Designers
Although this logo could not be simpler, it still expresses the nature of light. Using black and white to advantage, this site visually expresses light behavior. Although the point-of-view is rather self-focused, the site is visually rich and easy to navigate. See review.

Exciting presentations have a spark and a pizzazz that motivates. Creativity is often achieving the uncommon with common elements. Finding and holding onto distinction is at the top of every design’s purpose.

An extra spark can elevate good design into great. The best graphics entice the viewer to want to know more. Organizations who tell a visual story will build involvement while they inspire the viewer with their purpose.

The Sebastian Study is completed in this blog. If you wish to know if your organization was considered, please visit www.wofw.com and contact me; I will be happy to share the review ranking with you.

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