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July 2, 2010

Water Quality Association

Few organizations have such a well-defined niche as the Water Quality Association. It is enviable. Monitoring the most basic of resources, they graphically use the obvious water theme through a variety of photographs. Their logo is exceptional in its symbolism and recognizability. Deepening the level of their visual priorities can further enhance their message.

Five Criteria for Graphics that Work:
Evaluating Water Quality Association

spiral bullet Use of logo: An organization’s logo has a story to tell—encapsulating the personality, philosophy, and tone of an entire organization.
The topic of water can be expressed in many ways, usually using wave forms. WQA symbolizes the subject in a surprising way—three simple swashes form a W or a Q—one form represents two letters. Simple and flexible, this logo is both classic and contemporary.

spiral bullet Theme: The visual first impression is dominated by the total gestalt—look, feel, purpose, and benefit. Further contact is consistent and supports personality and philosophy.
The water theme for WQA is too obvious to need discussion. However, their graphics could use it more expansively rather than as a touch now and then. The template shows a droplet splash, the features in the right column illustrate various projects. Some of their strongest visuals are the photographic backgrounds of rippling water on selected pages.

spiral bullet Content composition: Building from a recognizable theme, the presentation is easy to grasp, clear, and engaging.
Divided into the two categories of commercial and residential, WQA’s site needs to cover the spectrum of water providers, users, and legislators. The site has comprehensive resources from Hot Topic articles for any viewer and features for target audiences. Unembellished graphically, unfortunatgely all content is treated the same. This site is a good example of prioritizing visual emphases and not carrying through beyond the first level.

spiral bullet Consistent style: A series presents a visual language and an ambient atmosphere, promoting a positive experience and relationship with the audience.
The use of prioritized graphics shows the opportunities for WQA’s approach. Established with color and basic imagery, this visual language could be taken further. Nowhere is this more exemplified than in their newsletter design. Without an inviting overview, samples, or previews, WQA treats this important benefit as less important. It makes sense that their key publication should be for members only, but there are many ways to visually entice a prospect. In a filter-down strategy, they could improve further than the initial impression.

spiral bullet Distinctive: The most successful presentations have a memorable twist—something extra that is unique.
WQA’s logo and imagery is strong. Their overall presentation is crisp, professional, well-organized, and consistent. Although they could push their visual language further, they have a great beginning. The relevance of their organization can only grow in the future, so investing in their growth potential can keep pace. Their presentation can help visibility and education to use and preserve the most important human resource.

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