Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association

Contrasts are often the most educational. Although this organization calls themselves ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association), they really should be called WCIA (The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association), as their information explains that they changed their name five years ago. Yet they show imaginative thinking, innovative approaches, and robust offerings in other areas. This is a great example of some interesting approaches despite a serious identity problem.

Five Criteria for Graphics that Work:
Evaluating ISSA: Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association

spiral bullet Use of logo: An organization’s logo has a story to tell—encapsulating the personality, philosophy, and tone of an entire organization.
If the ISSA is not engaged in a logo change, they should be. The name change is obviously justified, but they didn’t carry through with the project. Name changes are complex and the only help for it is to plan. Their Association History explains that the change was made five years ago, ample time to establish a visual foundation. Making a name change is never done lightly, and the logo is part of the process.

spiral bullet Theme: The visual first impression is dominated by the total gestalt—look, feel, purpose, and benefit. Further contact is consistent and supports personality and philosophy.
The appeal of an innovative home page dims upon subsequent pages. There is little thematic opportunity begun by the logo or the animation. Nowhere is this more noticeable than their e-newsletter: ISSA Times. The template overpowers the content, yet the navigation is well structured. ISSA has all the elements needed to set up a strong theme. Hopefully their plans include development.

spiral bullet Content composition: Building from a recognizable theme, the presentation is easy to grasp, clear, and engaging.
The site ISSA has a portal page that offers nine publications. Most are monthly. The archives are inviting in structure and include a few visuals for emphasis. But the visitor has to be a member to read them. The range of content on the site and the variety of publication offerings are extensive. It would be more inviting if they offered samples for prospect viewing. Many organizations allow downloads of current features to demonstrate the quality of their content.

spiral bullet Consistent style: A series presents a visual language and an ambient atmosphere, promoting a positive experience and relationship with the audience.
ISSA’s graphics are minimal and subservient to functionality. It bespeaks of either low budget or low priority. The name change is a missed opportunity for graphic development. Not offering any sample articles or publications online limits interest. They will allow a free account with registration, but many prospects aren’t ready to get their names on a list without checking quality first.

spiral bullet Distinctive: The most successful presentations have a memorable twist—something extra that is unique.
ISSA is an organization with contrasts: an international focus with a confused identity, an inviting home page with limited access to the most interesting content. An engaging beginning, however, can’t sustain visual interest of the total visiting experience. Because communications and providing information are several of ISSA’s missions, visual content should be a part.

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