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June 13, 2010

American Society for Surgery of the Hand

Simple is generally better. Too many organizations make the mistake of trying to be comprehensive at the cost of clarity. As busy eyes scan, the shorter and snappier a message can be, the more likely comprehension will thrive. American Society for Surgery of the Hand expresses a range of offerings with an elegant and inspiring approach.

Five Criteria for Graphics that Work:
Evaluating American Society for Surgery of the Hand
spiral bullet Use of logo: An organization’s logo has a story to tell—encapsulating the personality, philosophy, and tone of an entire organization.
Hands are one of the most challenging of forms to illustrate. Art schools teach that the test of drawing skills is the ability to render hands convincingly. ASSH achieves a graceful and elegant representation. The brush-stroke infuses a humanness that blends with a simple graphic treatment, though the typography is not as imaginative.

spiral bullet Theme: The visual first impression is dominated by the total gestalt—look, feel, purpose, and benefit. Further contact is consistent and supports personality and philosophy.
Carrying the friendliness of the logo to the website home page, the viewer is welcomed by simple choices, directed at viewer interest. The photos communicate the three audience segments even without the words. However, the template overwhelms the theme on subsequent pages.

spiral bullet Content composition: Building from a recognizable theme, the presentation is easy to grasp, clear, and engaging.
Classic and simple, the logo and homepage presentation is distinctive. Almost a splash-page, if there is content that appeals to all the groups, this page could be extended below the fold. However, few organizations do as well above the fold!

spiral bullet Consistent style: A series presents a visual language and an ambient atmosphere, promoting a positive experience and relationship with the audience.
Although the ASSH website presents a geometric style with rounded corners, the simplicity of the homepage is not reflected as well on subsequent pages. Navigation is clear, but lacks the warmth they began. A better template could be chosen that makes more efficient use of space.

spiral bullet Distinctive: The most successful presentations have a memorable twist—something extra that is unique.
Any organization with such a strong logo should make greater use of it. Rounding corners on boxes adds a flair but doesn’t take advantage of the potential present. Yet, it is refreshing to be so welcomed and supported with strong and clear information. Unusual, the ASSH ABOUT segment, so touted by the other 99% of sites, is found under the Member section.

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